A type that explicitly supplies its own playground Quick Look.


A Quick Look can be created for an instance of any type by using the PlaygroundQuickLook(reflecting:) initializer. If you are not satisfied with the representation supplied for your type by default, you can make it conform to the CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable protocol and provide a custom PlaygroundQuickLook instance.


Instance Properties

var customPlaygroundQuickLook: PlaygroundQuickLook

A custom playground Quick Look for this instance.


See Also

Customizing Your Type's Reflection

protocol CustomReflectable

A type that explicitly supplies its own mirror.

protocol CustomLeafReflectable

A type that explicitly supplies its own mirror, but whose descendant classes are not represented in the mirror unless they also override customMirror.

enum PlaygroundQuickLook

The sum of types that can be used as a Quick Look representation.