Instance Method


Returns a new dictionary containing the key-value pairs of the dictionary that satisfy the given predicate.


func filter(_ isIncluded: (Dictionary<Key, Value>.Element) throws -> Bool) rethrows -> [Key : Value]



A closure that takes a key-value pair as its argument and returns a Boolean value indicating whether the pair should be included in the returned dictionary.

Return Value

A dictionary of the key-value pairs that isIncluded allows.

See Also

Removing Keys and Values

func removeValue(forKey: Key) -> Value?

Removes the given key and its associated value from the dictionary.

func remove(at: Dictionary<Key, Value>.Index) -> Dictionary<Key, Value>.Element

Removes and returns the key-value pair at the specified index.

func removeAll(keepingCapacity: Bool)

Removes all key-value pairs from the dictionary.