Type Property


The mathematical constant pi.


static var pi: Float { get }


This value should be rounded toward zero to keep user computations with angles from inadvertently ending up in the wrong quadrant. A type that conforms to the FloatingPoint protocol provides the value for pi at its best possible precision.

// Prints "3.14159265358979"


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See Also

Accessing Numeric Constants

static var infinity: Float

Positive infinity.

static var greatestFiniteMagnitude: Float

The greatest finite number representable by this type.

static var nan: Float

A quiet NaN (“not a number”).

static var signalingNaN: Float

A signaling NaN (“not a number”).

static var ulpOfOne: Float

The unit in the last place of 1.0.

static var leastNormalMagnitude: Float

The least positive normal number.

static var leastNonzeroMagnitude: Float

The least positive number.

static var zero: Float

The zero value.