Type Property


The least positive normal number.


static var leastNormalMagnitude: Float { get }


This value compares less than or equal to all positive normal numbers. There may be smaller positive numbers, but they are subnormal, meaning that they are represented with less precision than normal numbers.

This value corresponds to type-specific C macros such as FLT_MIN and DBL_MIN. The naming of those macros is slightly misleading, because subnormals, zeros, and negative numbers are smaller than this value.


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See Also

Accessing Numeric Constants

static var pi: Float

The mathematical constant pi.

static var infinity: Float

Positive infinity.

static var greatestFiniteMagnitude: Float

The greatest finite number representable by this type.

static var nan: Float

A quiet NaN (“not a number”).

static var signalingNaN: Float

A signaling NaN (“not a number”).

static var ulpOfOne: Float

The unit in the last place of 1.0.

static var leastNonzeroMagnitude: Float

The least positive number.

static var zero: Float

The zero value.