Instance Property


The greatest representable value that compares less than this value.


var nextDown: Float { get }


For any finite value x, x.nextDown is less than x. For nan or -infinity, x.nextDown is x itself. The following special cases also apply:

  • If x is infinity, then x.nextDown is greatestFiniteMagnitude.

  • If x is leastNonzeroMagnitude, then x.nextDown is 0.0.

  • If x is zero, then x.nextDown is -leastNonzeroMagnitude.

  • If x is -greatestFiniteMagnitude, then x.nextDown is -infinity.

See Also

Querying a Float

var ulp: Float

The unit in the last place of this value.

var significand: Float

The significand of the floating-point value.

var exponent: Int

The exponent of the floating-point value.

var nextUp: Float

The least representable value that compares greater than this value.

var binade: Float

The floating-point value with the same sign and exponent as this value, but with a significand of 1.0.