Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the instance’s representation is in its canonical form.


var isCanonical: Bool { get }


The IEEE 754 specification defines a canonical, or preferred, encoding of a floating-point value. On platforms that fully support IEEE 754, every Float or Double value is canonical, but non-canonical values can exist on other platforms or for other types. Some examples:

  • On platforms that flush subnormal numbers to zero (such as armv7 with the default floating-point environment), Swift interprets subnormal Float and Double values as non-canonical zeros. (In Swift 5.1 and earlier, isCanonical is true for these values, which is the incorrect value.)

  • On i386 and x86_64, Float80 has a number of non-canonical encodings. “Pseudo-NaNs”, “pseudo-infinities”, and “unnormals” are interpreted as non-canonical NaN encodings. “Pseudo-denormals” are interpreted as non-canonical encodings of subnormal values.

  • Decimal floating-point types admit a large number of non-canonical encodings. Consult the IEEE 754 standard for additional details.


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