Type Method


Returns the value with greater magnitude.


static func maximumMagnitude(_ x: Float80, _ y: Float80) -> Float80



A floating-point value.


Another floating-point value.

Return Value

Whichever of x or y has greater magnitude, or whichever is a number if the other is NaN.


This method returns the value with greater magnitude of the two given values, preserving order and eliminating NaN when possible. For two values x and y, the result of maximumMagnitude(x, y) is x if x.magnitude > y.magnitude, y if x.magnitude <= y.magnitude, or whichever of x or y is a number if the other is a quiet NaN. If both x and y are NaN, or either x or y is a signaling NaN, the result is NaN.

Double.maximumMagnitude(10.0, -25.0)
// -25.0
Double.maximumMagnitude(10.0, .nan)
// 10.0
Double.maximumMagnitude(.nan, -25.0)
// -25.0
Double.maximumMagnitude(.nan, .nan)
// nan

The maximumMagnitude method implements the maxNumMag operation defined by the IEEE 754 specification.