Instance Method


Replaces this value with the remainder of itself divided by the given value using truncating division.



mutating func formTruncatingRemainder(dividingBy other: Self)



The value to use when dividing this value.


Performing truncating division with floating-point values results in a truncated integer quotient and a remainder. For values x and y and their truncated integer quotient q, the remainder r satisfies x == y * q + r.

The following example calculates the truncating remainder of dividing 8.625 by 0.75:

var x = 8.625
print(x / 0.75)
// Prints "11.5"

let q = (x / 0.75).rounded(.towardZero)
// q == 11.0
x.formTruncatingRemainder(dividingBy: 0.75)
// x == 0.375

let x1 = 0.75 * q + x
// x1 == 8.625

If this value and other are both finite numbers, the truncating remainder has the same sign as this value and is strictly smaller in magnitude than other. The formTruncatingRemainder(dividingBy:) method is always exact.