Using Imported Protocol-Qualified Classes in Swift

Learn how imported Objective-C protocol-qualified classes and metaclasses are represented.


Objective-C classes qualified by one or more protocols, like the one in the example below, are imported by Swift as protocol composition types. The following Objective-C property refers to a view controller that also acts a data source and delegate:

@property UIViewController<UITableViewDataSource, UITableViewDelegate> * myController;

When you import it, here's the Swift interface:

var myController: UIViewController & UITableViewDataSource & UITableViewDelegate

An Objective-C protocol-qualified metaclass is imported by Swift as a protocol metatype, which is a type that represents the type of a protocol itself. For example, given the following Objective-C method that performs an operation on the specified class:

- (void)doSomethingForClass:(Class<NSCoding>)codingClass;

When you import it, here's the Swift interface:

func doSomething(for codingClass: NSCoding.Type)

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