The sum of types that can be used as a Quick Look representation.


enum PlaygroundQuickLook


The PlaygroundQuickLook protocol is deprecated, and will be removed from the standard library in a future Swift release. To customize the logging of your type in a playground, conform to the CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible protocol, which does not use the PlaygroundQuickLook enum.

If you need to provide a customized playground representation in Swift 4.0 or Swift 3.2 or earlier, use a conditional compilation block:

#if swift(>=4.1) || (swift(>=3.3) && !swift(>=4.0))
    // With Swift 4.1 and later (including Swift 3.3 and later), use
    // the CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible protocol.
    // With Swift 4.0 and Swift 3.2 and earlier, use PlaygroundQuickLook
    // and the CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable protocol.


Enumeration Cases

case attributedString(Any)

An attributed string.

case bezierPath(Any)

A bezier path.

case bool(Bool)

A boolean value.

case double(Float64)

A double precision floating-point numeric value.

case float(Float32)

A single precision floating-point numeric value.

case int(Int64)

An integer numeric value.

case sprite(Any)

A graphical sprite.

case uInt(UInt64)

An unsigned integer numeric value.

case url(String)

A Uniform Resource Locator.

case view(Any)

A GUI view.


init(reflecting: Any)

Creates a new Quick Look for the given instance.

See Also

Customizing Your Type's Reflection

protocol CustomReflectable

A type that explicitly supplies its own mirror.

protocol CustomLeafReflectable

A type that explicitly supplies its own mirror, but whose descendant classes are not represented in the mirror unless they also override customMirror.

protocol CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible

A type that supplies a custom description for playground logging.

protocol CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable

A type that explicitly supplies its own playground Quick Look.