Instance Property


A value less than or equal to the number of elements in the sequence, calculated nondestructively.


var underestimatedCount: Int { get }
Available when Bound conforms to Strideable and Bound.Stride conforms to SignedInteger.


The default implementation returns 0. If you provide your own implementation, make sure to compute the value nondestructively.

Complexity: O(1), except if the sequence also conforms to Collection. In this case, see the documentation of Collection.underestimatedCount.

See Also

Iterating Over a Range's Elements

func forEach((Bound) -> Void)

Calls the given closure on each element in the sequence in the same order as a for-in loop.

func enumerated() -> EnumeratedSequence<Range<Bound>>

Returns a sequence of pairs (n, x), where n represents a consecutive integer starting at zero and x represents an element of the sequence.

func makeIterator() -> IndexingIterator<Range<Bound>>

Returns an iterator over the elements of the collection.

var underestimatedCount: Int

A value less than or equal to the number of elements in the collection.