Instance Method


Inserts a new character at the specified position.


mutating func insert(_ newElement: Character, at i: String.Index)



The new character to insert into the string.


A valid index of the string. If i is equal to the string’s end index, this methods appends newElement to the string.


Calling this method invalidates any existing indices for use with this string.

Complexity: O(n), where n is the length of the string.


See Also

Inserting Characters

func insert(Character, at: String.Index)

Inserts a new element into the collection at the specified position.

func insert<S>(contentsOf: S, at: String.Index)

Inserts a collection of characters at the specified position.

func insert<C>(contentsOf: C, at: String.Index)

Inserts the elements of a sequence into the collection at the specified position.

func reserveCapacity(String.CharacterView.IndexDistance)

Prepares the collection to store the specified number of elements, when doing so is appropriate for the underlying type.