SIMD Vector Types

Work with fixed-width vectors of fixed-width numeric types of different sizes.


SIMD Vectors

struct SIMD2

A vector of two scalar values.

struct SIMD3

A vector of three scalar values.

struct SIMD4

A vector of four scalar values.

struct SIMD8

A vector of eight scalar values.

struct SIMD16

A vector of 16 scalar values.

struct SIMD32

A vector of 32 scalar values.

struct SIMD64

A vector of 64 scalar values.

Supporting Types

protocol SIMD

A SIMD vector of a fixed number of elements.

protocol SIMDScalar

A type that can be used as an element in a SIMD vector.

protocol SIMDStorage

A type that can function as storage for a SIMD vector type.

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