Instance Property


Properties of this scalar defined by the Unicode standard.


var properties: Unicode.Scalar.Properties { get }


Use this property to access the Unicode properties of a Unicode scalar value. The following code tests whether a string contains any math symbols:

let question = "Which is larger, 3 * 3 * 3 or 10 + 10 + 10?"
let hasMathSymbols = question.unicodeScalars.contains(where: {
// hasMathSymbols == true

See Also

Inspecting a Scalar

var value: UInt32

A numeric representation of the Unicode scalar.

struct Unicode.Scalar.Properties

A value that provides access to properties of a Unicode scalar that are defined by the Unicode standard.

func hash(into: inout Hasher)

Hashes the essential components of this value by feeding them into the given hasher.

var isASCII: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the Unicode scalar is an ASCII character.