A namespace for Unicode utilities.


@frozen enum Unicode


Individual Unicode Scalar Values

struct Unicode.Scalar

A Unicode scalar value.

Unicode Scalar Classifications

enum Unicode.GeneralCategory

The most general classification of a Unicode scalar.

struct Unicode.CanonicalCombiningClass

The classification of a scalar used in the Canonical Ordering Algorithm defined by the Unicode Standard.

enum Unicode.NumericType

The numeric type of a scalar.

Unicode Codecs

protocol UnicodeCodec

A Unicode encoding form that translates between Unicode scalar values and form-specific code units.

enum UnicodeDecodingResult

The result of one Unicode decoding step.

enum Unicode.ParseResult

The result of attempting to parse a T from some input.

Translation Between Unicode Encodings

Type Aliases

typealias Unicode.Version

A version of the Unicode Standard represented by its major and minor components.