Instance Method


Returns the distance from this pointer to the given pointer, counted as instances of the pointer’s Pointee type.


func distance(to end: UnsafePointer<Pointee>) -> Int



The pointer to calculate the distance to.

Return Value

The distance from this pointer to end, in strides of the pointer’s Pointee type. To access the stride, use MemoryLayout<Pointee>.stride.


With pointers p and q, the result of p.distance(to: q) is equivalent to q - p.

Typed pointers are required to be properly aligned for their Pointee type. Proper alignment ensures that the result of distance(to:) accurately measures the distance between the two pointers, counted in strides of Pointee. To find the distance in bytes between two pointers, convert them to UnsafeRawPointer instances before calling distance(to:).