Generic Instance Method


Returns a new instance of the given type, read from the buffer pointer’s raw memory at the specified byte offset.


func load<T>(fromByteOffset offset: Int = 0, as type: T.Type) -> T



The offset, in bytes, into the buffer pointer’s memory at which to begin reading data for the new instance. The buffer pointer plus offset must be properly aligned for accessing an instance of type T. The default is zero.


The type to use for the newly constructed instance. The memory must be initialized to a value of a type that is layout compatible with type.

Return Value

A new instance of type T, copied from the buffer pointer’s memory.


You can use this method to create new values from the buffer pointer’s underlying bytes. The following example creates two new Int32 instances from the memory referenced by the buffer pointer someBytes. The bytes for a are copied from the first four bytes of someBytes, and the bytes for b are copied from the next four bytes.

let a = someBytes.load(as: Int32.self)
let b = someBytes.load(fromByteOffset: 4, as: Int32.self)

The memory to read for the new instance must not extend beyond the buffer pointer’s memory region—that is, offset + MemoryLayout<T>.size must be less than or equal to the buffer pointer’s count.