A condition that limits the application of a build setting.


struct BuildSettingCondition


By default, build settings are applicable for all platforms and build configurations. Use the .when modifier to define a build setting for a specific condition. Invalid usage of .when emits an error during manifest parsing. For example, it’s invalid to specify a .when condition with both parameters as nil.

The following example shows how to use build setting conditions with various APIs:

    name: "MyTool",
    dependencies: ["Utility"],
    cSettings: [
        .define("DISABLE_SOMETHING", .when(platforms: [.iOS], configuration: .release)),
    swiftSettings: [
        .define("ENABLE_SOMETHING", .when(configuration: .release)),
    linkerSettings: [
        .linkLibrary("openssl", .when(platforms: [.linux])),


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See Also

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struct BuildConfiguration

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struct CSetting

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