The version of the Swift language to use for compiling Swift sources in the package.


enum SwiftVersion


Enumeration Cases

case version(String)

A user-defined value for the Swift version.

Encoding and Decoding

func encode(to: Encoder)

Encodes this value into the given encoder.


Conforms To

See Also

Declaring Supported Languages

enum CLanguageStandard

The supported C language standard to use for compiling C sources in the package.

enum CXXLanguageStandard

The supported C++ language standards to use for compiling C++ sources in the package.

var swiftLanguageVersions: [SwiftVersion]?

The list of Swift versions that this package is compatible with.

var cLanguageStandard: CLanguageStandard?

The C language standard to use for all C targets in this package.

var cxxLanguageStandard: CXXLanguageStandard?

The C++ language standard to use for all C++ targets in this package.