Instance Method


Sets the truncation mode for lines of text that are too long to fit in the available space.


func truncationMode(_ mode: Text.TruncationMode) -> some View



The truncation mode.

Return Value

A view that truncates text at different points in a line depending on the mode you select.


Use the truncationMode(_:) modifier to determine whether text in a long line is truncated at the beginning, middle, or end. Truncation adds an ellipsis (…) to the line when removing text to indicate to readers that text is missing.

See Also

Adjusting Text in a View

func font(Font?) -> View

Sets the default font for text in this view.

func lineLimit(Int?) -> View

Sets the maximum number of lines that text can occupy in this view.

func lineSpacing(CGFloat) -> View

Sets the amount of space between lines of text in this view.

func minimumScaleFactor(CGFloat) -> View

Sets the minimum amount that text in this view scales down to fit in the available space.

func allowsTightening(Bool) -> View

Sets whether text in this view can compress the space between characters when necessary to fit text in a line.

func flipsForRightToLeftLayoutDirection(Bool) -> View

Sets whether this view flips its contents horizontally when the layout direction is right-to-left.