A gesture that invokes an action as a drag event sequence changes.


struct DragGesture


Instance Properties

var coordinateSpace: CoordinateSpace

The coordinate space in which to receive location values.

var minimumDistance: CGFloat

The distance that must be dragged before the gesture starts.


struct DragGesture.Value

The current state of the event sequence.

See Also

Basic Gestures

Adding Interactivity with Gestures

Use gesture modifiers to add interactivity to your app.

struct TapGesture

A gesture that ends once a specified number of tap event sequences have been recognized.

struct LongPressGesture

A gesture that ends once a long-press event sequence has been recognized.

struct MagnificationGesture

A gesture that tracks how a magnification event sequence changes.

struct RotationGesture

A gesture that tracks how a rotation event sequence changes.