Instance Property


The preferred size of the content.


var sizeCategory: ContentSizeCategory { get set }


The default value is ContentSizeCategory.large.

See Also

Accessing Paragraph Styles

var allowsTightening: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether inter-character spacing should tighten to fit the text into the available space.

var layoutDirection: LayoutDirection

The layout direction associated with the current environment.

var lineLimit: Int?

The maximum number of lines that text can occupy in a view.

var lineSpacing: CGFloat

The distance in points between the bottom of one line fragment and the top of the next.

var minimumScaleFactor: CGFloat

The minimum permissible proportion to shrink the font size to fit the text into the available space.

var multilineTextAlignment: TextAlignment

A value that indicates how text instance aligns its lines when the content wraps or contains newlines.

var truncationMode: Text.TruncationMode

A value that indicates how the layout truncates the last line of text to fit into the available space.