Instance Method


Adjusts the font to enable uppercase small capitals.


func uppercaseSmallCaps() -> Font


This feature turns capital characters into small capitals. It is generally used for words which would otherwise be set in all caps, such as acronyms, but which are desired in small-cap form to avoid disrupting the flow of text.

See Also

Styling a Font

func bold() -> Font

Adds bold styling to the font.

func italic() -> Font

Adds italics to the font.

func monospacedDigit() -> Font

Adjusts the font to use monospace digits.

func smallCaps() -> Font

Adjusts the font to enable all small capitals.

func lowercaseSmallCaps() -> Font

Adjusts the font to enable lowercase small capitals.

func weight(Font.Weight) -> Font

Sets the weight of the font.

struct Font.Weight

A weight to use for fonts.