Generic Structure


A structure that computes views on demand from an underlying collection of of identified data.


@frozen struct ForEach<Data, Content> where Data : RandomAccessCollection, Content : View, Data.Element : Identifiable


Type Aliases

typealias ForEach.Modified

The type resulting from applying a view modifier T.


init(Data, content: (Data.Element.IdentifiedValue) -> Content)

Creates an instance that uniquely identifies views across updates based on the identity of the underlying data element.

Instance Properties

var content: (Data.Element.IdentifiedValue) -> Content

A function that can be used to generate content on demand given underlying data.

var data: Data

The collection of underlying identified data.

Instance Methods

func modifier<T>(T) -> _ModifiedContent<ForEach<Data, Content>, T>

Returns a new view representing self with modifier applied to it.

func onReceive<P>(P, perform: (P.Output) -> Void) -> SubscriptionView<P, ForEach<Data, Content>>

Adds an action to perform when the given publisher emits an event.


See Also

Lists and Scroll Views

struct List

A container that presents rows of data arranged in a single column.

protocol DynamicViewContent

A type of view that generates views from an underlying collection of data.

protocol Identifiable

A type that you can compare for identity equality.

struct ScrollView

A scroll view.


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