An effect that changes the visual appearance of a view, largely without changing its ancestors or descendents.


protocol GeometryEffect where Self.Body == Never


The only change the effect makes to the view’s ancestors and descendants is to change the coordinate transform to and from them.


Instance Methods

func effectValue(size: CGSize) -> ProjectionTransform

Returns the current value of the effect.


func ignoredByLayout() -> _IgnoredByLayoutEffect<Self>

Returns an effect that produces the same geometry transform as this view, and only applies the transform while rendering its view.


Inherits From

See Also


struct GeometryProxy

A proxy for access to the size and coordinate space (for anchor resolution) of the container view.

struct GeometryReader

A container view that defines its content as a function of its own size and coordinate space.

struct Angle

A geometric angle whose value you access in either radians or degrees.

struct Anchor

An opaque value derived from an anchor source and a particular view.

protocol VectorArithmetic

A type that can serve as the animatable data of an animatable type.