Instance Method


Returns a new set containing the elements of this set that do not occur in the given set.


func subtracting(_ other: GestureMask) -> GestureMask



A set of the same type as the current set.

Return Value

A new set.


In the following example, the nonNeighbors set is made up of the elements of the employees set that are not elements of neighbors:

let employees: Set = ["Alicia", "Bethany", "Chris", "Diana", "Eric"]
let neighbors: Set = ["Bethany", "Eric", "Forlani", "Greta"]
let nonNeighbors = employees.subtract(neighbors)
// Prints "["Diana", "Chris", "Alicia"]"

See Also

Adding and Removing Elements

func update(with: GestureMask) -> GestureMask?

Inserts the given element into the set.

func insert(GestureMask) -> (inserted: Bool, memberAfterInsert: GestureMask)

Adds the given element to the option set if it is not already a member.

func subtract(GestureMask)

Removes the elements of the given set from this set.

func remove(GestureMask) -> GestureMask?

Removes the given element and all elements subsumed by it.