Instance Method


Sets the transparency of the view.


func opacity(_ opacity: Double) -> some View



A value between 0 (fully transparent) and 1 (fully opaque).

Return Value

A view that sets the transparency of this view.


Apply opacity to reveal views that are behind another view or to de-emphasize a view. The following shows two versions of the same image side by side; at left is the original, and at right is a duplicate with its opacity set to 0.5:

When applying the opacity(_:) modifier to a view that already has an opacity, the modifier supplements—rather than replaces—the view’s opacity.

See Also

Applying Graphical Effects to a View

func blur(radius: CGFloat, opaque: Bool) -> View

Applies a Gaussian blur to the view.

func brightness(Double) -> View

Brightens the view by the specified amount.

func contrast(Double) -> View

Sets the contrast and separation between similar colors in the view.

func colorInvert() -> View

Inverts the colors in the view.

func colorMultiply(Color) -> View

Adds a color multiplication effect to the view.

func saturation(Double) -> View

Adjusts the color saturation of the view.

func grayscale(Double) -> View

Adds a grayscale effect to the view.

func hueRotation(Angle) -> View

Applies a hue rotation effect to the view.

func luminanceToAlpha() -> View

Adds a luminance to alpha effect to the view.