Generic Structure


A concrete wrapper for enabling implicit member expressions.


struct StaticMember<Base>


Use StaticMember to support implicit member expressions, sometimes referred to as leading dot syntax, where they would normally not be supported, like static properties representing concrete values provided to a protocol-constrained generic function.

For example:

protocol ColorStyle {
    typealias Member = StaticMember<Self>

extension StaticMember where Base : ColorStyle {
    static var red: RedStyle.Member { return .init(.init()) }
    static var blue: BlueStyle.Member { return .init(.init()) }

extension View {
    func colorStyle<S : ColorStyle>(_ style: S.Member) -> some View {



Text Field Styles

static var plain: PlainTextFieldStyle.Member

A text field style with no decoration.

static var roundedBorder: RoundedBorderTextFieldStyle.Member

A text field style with a system-defined rounded border.

static var squareBorder: SquareBorderTextFieldStyle.Member

A text field style with a system-defined square border.

List Styles

static var `default`: DefaultListStyle.Member

The default list style.

static var plain: PlainListStyle.Member

A list style that implements the system default list interaction and appearance.

static var grouped: GroupedListStyle.Member

A list style that implements the system default grouped list interaction and appearance.

static var carousel: CarouselListStyle.Member

A list style that implements the carousel list interaction and appearance.

static var sidebar: SidebarListStyle.Member

A list style that implements the system default sidebar list (or source list) interaction and appearance.

Toggle Styles

static var `default`: DefaultToggleStyle.Member

The default toggle style.

static var `switch`: SwitchToggleStyle.Member

A toggle style represented by a trailing switch.

Picker Styles

static var `default`: DefaultPickerStyle.Member

The default picker style.

static var radioGroup: RadioGroupPickerStyle.Member

A picker style where each option is represented as a radio button.

static var popUpButton: PopUpButtonPickerStyle.Member

A picker style where the options are disclosed from a button that presents them in a menu.

static var wheel: WheelPickerStyle.Member

A picker style where the options are contained in a scrollable wheel.

Date Picker Styles

static var `default`: DefaultDatePickerStyle.Member

The default date picker style.

static var graphical: GraphicalDatePickerStyle.Member

A system style of date picker that displays an interactive calendar or clock.

static var field: FieldDatePickerStyle.Member

A system style that displays the components in an editable field.

static var stepperField: StepperFieldDatePickerStyle.Member

A system style that displays the components in an editable field, with adjoining stepper that can increment/decrement the selected component.

Pull Down Button Styles

static var prominent: _ProminentPullDownButtonStyle.Member
static var plain: _PlainPullDownButtonStyle.Member
static func plain(showArrows: Bool) -> _PlainPullDownButtonStyle.Member

Menu Button Styles

static var `default`: DefaultMenuButtonStyle.Member
static var pullDown: ProminentPullDownMenuButtonStyle.Member
static var borderlessButton: BorderlessButtonMenuButtonStyle.Member
static var borderlessPullDown: BorderlessPullDownMenuButtonStyle.Member

Button Styles

static var `default`: DefaultButtonStyle.Member

The default button style.

static var plain: PlainButtonStyle.Member
static var link: LinkButtonStyle.Member
static var bordered: BorderedButtonStyle.Member
static var borderless: BorderlessButtonStyle.Member

Navigation View Styles

static var `default`: DefaultNavigationViewStyle.Member
static var stack: StackNavigationViewStyle.Member
static var doubleColumn: DoubleColumnNavigationViewStyle.Member

Shape Styles

static var separator: SeparatorShapeStyle.Member

A style appropriate for foreground separator or border lines.

static func selection(Bool) -> SelectionShapeStyle.Member

Generates a style usable as the background for selected elements.

Creating a Static Member


Creates a static member representing the specified base.

See Also

Supporting Types

struct ViewBuilder

A custom parameter attribute that constructs views from closures.

protocol ViewModifier

A modifier that you apply to a view or another view modifier, producing a different version of the original value.

struct IdentifierValuePair

An identifier and its corresponding value.

struct IdentifierValuePairs

A collection of identifier-value pairs computed on demand.

struct NavigationButton

A button that triggers a navigation presentation when pressed.


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