Instance Method


Sets whether text can compress the space between characters when necessary to fit text in a line.


func allowsTightening(_ flag: Bool) -> some View



A Boolean value that indicates whether the space between characters compresses when necessary.

Return Value

A view that can compress the space between characters when necessary to fit text in a line.

See Also

Adjusting Text in a View

func keyboardType(UIKeyboardType) -> View

Sets the keyboard type for this view.

func font(Font?) -> View

Sets the default font for text in the view.

func lineLimit(Int?) -> View

Sets the maximum number of lines that text can occupy in the view.

func lineSpacing(CGFloat) -> View

Sets the amount of space between lines of text in the view.

func minimumScaleFactor(CGFloat) -> View

Sets the minimum amount that text scales down to fit the available space.

func truncationMode(Text.TruncationMode) -> View

Sets the truncation mode for lines of text that are too long to fit in the available space.

func textContentType(UITextContentType?) -> View

Sets the text content type for this view, which the system uses to offer suggestions while the user enters text on an iOS or tvOS device.

func flipsForRightToLeftLayoutDirection(Bool) -> View

Sets whether the view flips its contents horizontally when the layout direction is right-to-left.

func autocapitalization(UITextAutocapitalizationType) -> View

Sets whether to apply auto-capitalization to this view.

func disableAutocorrection(Bool?) -> View

Sets whether to disable autocorrection for this view.