Generic Structure


A control that toggles between on and off states.


struct Toggle<Label> where Label : View


You create a toggle by providing an isOn binding and a label. Bind isOn to a Boolean property that determines whether the toggle is on or off. Set the label to a view that visually describes the purpose of switching between toggle states. For example:

@State private var vibrateOnRing = false

var body: some View {
    Toggle(isOn: $vibrateOnRing) {
        Text("Vibrate on Ring")

For the common case of text-only labels, you can use the convenience initializer that takes a title string (or localized string key) as its first parameter, instead of a trailing closure:

@State private var vibrateOnRing = true

var body: some View {
    Toggle("Vibrate on Ring", isOn: $vibrateOnRing)

Styling Toggles

You can customize the appearance and interaction of toggles by creating styles that conform to the ToggleStyle protocol. To set a specific style for all toggle instances within a view, use the toggleStyle(_:) modifier:

VStack {
    Toggle("Vibrate on Ring", isOn: $vibrateOnRing)
    Toggle("Vibrate on Silent", isOn: $vibrateOnSilent)


Creating a Toggle

init(isOn: Binding<Bool>, label: () -> Label)

Creates a toggle that displays a custom label.

init<S>(S, isOn: Binding<Bool>)

Creates a toggle that generates its label from a string.

init(LocalizedStringKey, isOn: Binding<Bool>)

Creates a toggle that generates its label from a localized string key.


Creates a toggle based on a toggle style configuration.

Styling a Toggle

protocol ToggleStyle

A type that specifies the appearance and interaction of all toggles within a view hierarchy.

struct DefaultToggleStyle

The default toggle style.

struct SwitchToggleStyle

A toggle style that displays a leading label and a trailing switch.

struct CheckboxToggleStyle

A toggle style that displays a checkbox followed by its label.

func toggleStyle<S>(S) -> View

Sets the style for toggles within this view.

Applying Standard Modifiers

View Modifiers

Configure this view and the views it contains by applying standard modifiers.


Conforms To

See Also

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