Options that affect user customization of the Touch Bar.


enum TouchBarItemPresence


Configuring Visibility

case `default`(String)

The Touch Bar view is visible by default, but can be removed during customization.

case optional(String)

The Touch Bar view isn’t visible by default, but appears in the customization palette.

case required(String)

The Touch Bar view is visible by default and cannot be removed during customization.

See Also

Configuring Touch Bar Views

func touchBar<Content>(content: () -> Content) -> View

Sets the content that the Touch Bar displays.

func touchBar<Content>(TouchBar<Content>) -> View

Sets the touch bar and its content to be shown in the Touch Bar when applicable.

func touchBarItemPrincipal(Bool) -> View

Sets the view as having special significance to the TouchBar.

func touchBarCustomizationLabel(Text) -> View

Sets a user-visible string identifying the view’s functionality.

func touchBarItemPresence(TouchBarItemPresence) -> View

Sets the behavior of the view when being customized by the user.

struct TouchBar

A container for a view that you can show in the Touch Bar.