Generic Instance Method


Layers a secondary view in front of this view.


func overlay<Overlay>(_ overlay: Overlay, alignment: Alignment = .center) -> some View where Overlay : View



The view to layer in front of this view.


The alignment for overlay in relation to this view, if none is provided, center is the default.

Return Value

A view that layers overlay in front of the view.


When you apply an overlay to a view, the original view continues to provide the layout characteristics for the resulting view. In the following example, the heart image is shown overlaid in front of, and aligned to the bottom of the folder image.

Image(systemName: "folder")
    .font(.system(size: 55, weight: .thin))
    .overlay(Text("❤️"), alignment: .bottom)
View showing placement of a heart overlaid onto a folder icon.

See Also

Layering Views

func zIndex(Double) -> View

Controls the display order of overlapping views.