Instance Method


Overrides the device for a preview.


func previewDevice(_ value: PreviewDevice?) -> some View


If you set the preview device to nil, as it is by default, Xcode automatically chooses an appropriate device based on your target.

The following values are supported:

"iPhone 7"
"iPhone 7 Plus"
"iPhone 8"
"iPhone 8 Plus"
"iPhone SE"
"iPhone X"
"iPhone Xs"
"iPhone Xs Max"
"iPhone Xʀ"
"iPad mini 4"
"iPad Air 2"
"iPad Pro (9.7-inch)"
"iPad Pro (12.9-inch)"
"iPad (5th generation)"
"iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation)"
"iPad Pro (10.5-inch)"
"iPad (6th generation)"
"iPad Pro (11-inch)"
"iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation)"
"iPad mini (5th generation)"
"iPad Air (3rd generation)"
"Apple TV"
"Apple TV 4K"
"Apple TV 4K (at 1080p)"
"Apple Watch Series 2 - 38mm"
"Apple Watch Series 2 - 42mm"
"Apple Watch Series 3 - 38mm"
"Apple Watch Series 3 - 42mm"
"Apple Watch Series 4 - 40mm"
"Apple Watch Series 4 - 44mm"

See Also

Configuring Previews in Xcode

func previewDisplayName(String?) -> View

Provides a user visible name shown in the editor.

func previewLayout(PreviewLayout) -> View

Overrides the size of the container for the preview.