Instance Method


Creates a WatchKit interface object and configures its initial state.



func makeWKInterfaceObject(context: Self.Context) -> Self.WKInterfaceObjectType



A context structure containing information about the current state of the system.

Return Value

Your interface object configured with the provided information.


You must implement this method and use it to create your interface object. Configure the object using your app's current data and contents of the context parameter. The system calls this method only once, when it creates your interface object for the first time. For all subsequent updates, the system calls the updateWKInterfaceObject(_:context:) method.

See Also

Creating and Updating the Interface Object

func updateWKInterfaceObject(Self.WKInterfaceObjectType, context: Self.Context)

Updates the presented WatchKit interface object (and its coordinator) to the latest configuration.


struct WKInterfaceObjectRepresentableContext

Contextual information about the state of the system that you use to create and update your WatchKit interface object.