Type Method


Loads the specified interface controllers and rebuilds the app's page-based interface.


class func reloadRootControllers(withNamesAndContexts namesAndContexts: [(name: String, context: AnyObject)])



An array of tuples, each of which contains the following elements:


The names of the interface controller you want to display. In storyboards, specify the name of your view controller in the Identifier property of the Attributes inspector.


The objects you want to pass to the interface controllers. Use this parameter to communicate important information to each new interface controller. For example, use it to provide data or relevant state information.


Call this method to reload the entire contents of your app's page-based interface. For example, you might call it at launch time to change the set of pages you want displayed, or call it at runtime to change the active set of pages.

See Also

Presenting the Interface Controller

func presentController(withNamesAndContexts: [(name: String, context: AnyObject)])

Presents one or more new interface controllers modally using a page-based arrangement.