Generic Class


A WatchKit user notification interface controller which hosts a SwiftUI view hierarchy.


class WKUserNotificationHostingController<Body> : WKUserNotificationInterfaceController where Body : View



Instance Properties

var body: Body

The root view of the view hierarchy to display.

var hashValue: Int

The hash value.

Instance Methods

func hash(into: inout Hasher)

Hashes the essential components of this value by feeding them into the given hasher.

Operator Functions

static func == (NSObject, NSObject) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are equal. NSObject implements this by calling lhs.isEqual(rhs).


Conforms To

See Also

WatchKit Hosting

protocol WKInterfaceObjectRepresentable

A view that represents a WatchKit interface object.

class WKHostingController

A WatchKit interface controller which hosts a SwiftUI view hierarchy.

struct WKInterfaceObjectRepresentableContext

The context in which updates to an associated WatchKit interface object take place.

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