Sets the specified configuration settings for the specified virtual LAN (VLAN) interface.


func SCVLANInterfaceSetOptions(_ vlan: SCVLANInterface, _ newOptions: CFDictionary) -> Bool



The VLAN interface.


The new configuration settings for the VLAN interface.

Return Value

TRUE if the configuration was stored; FALSE if an error occurred.

See Also

Configuring VLAN Interfaces

func SCVLANInterfaceCopyAll(SCPreferences) -> CFArray

Returns all virtual LAN (VLAN) interfaces on the system.

func SCVLANInterfaceCopyAvailablePhysicalInterfaces() -> CFArray

Returns the network capable devices on the system that can be associated with a virtual LAN (VLAN) interface.

func SCVLANInterfaceGetOptions(SCVLANInterface) -> CFDictionary?

Returns the configuration settings associated with the virtual LAN (VLAN) interface.

func SCVLANInterfaceGetPhysicalInterface(SCVLANInterface) -> SCNetworkInterface?

Returns the physical interface for the specified virtual LAN (VLAN) interface.

func SCVLANInterfaceGetTag(SCVLANInterface) -> CFNumber?

Returns the tag for the specified virtual LAN (VLAN) interface.

func SCVLANInterfaceRemove(SCVLANInterface) -> Bool

Removes the virtual LAN (VLAN) interface from the configuration.

func SCVLANInterfaceSetLocalizedDisplayName(SCVLANInterface, CFString) -> Bool

Sets the localized display name for the specified virtual LAN (VLAN) interface.

func SCVLANInterfaceSetPhysicalInterfaceAndTag(SCVLANInterface, SCNetworkInterface, CFNumber) -> Bool

Updates the specified virtual LAN (VLAN) interface with the specified information.