Status and Error Codes

The status or error code generated by the most recent System Configuration function call.



var kSCStatusOK: Int

The call was successful.

var kSCStatusFailed: Int

A nonspecific failure occurred.

var kSCStatusInvalidArgument: Int

An invalid argument was specified.

var kSCStatusAccessError: Int

Permission is denied; you must be root to obtain a lock. As a result, the function could not create or access preferences.

var kSCStatusLocked: Int

A lock is already held.

var kSCStatusNeedLock: Int

A lock is required for this operation.

var kSCStatusNoStoreSession: Int

The configuration daemon session is not active.

var kSCStatusNoStoreServer: Int

The configuration daemon is not available or no longer available.

var kSCStatusNotifierActive: Int

Notifier is currently active.

var kSCStatusNoPrefsSession: Int

The preferences session is not active.

var kSCStatusPrefsBusy: Int

A preferences update is currently in progress.

var kSCStatusNoConfigFile: Int

The configuration file cannot be found.

var kSCStatusNoLink: Int

No such link exists.

var kSCStatusStale: Int

A write was attempted on a stale version of the object.

var kSCStatusMaxLink: Int

The maximum link count is exceeded.

var kSCStatusReachabilityUnknown: Int

Network reachability cannot be determined.

var kSCStatusConnectionNoService: Int

Network service for the connection is not available.