Creates a generic element with its contained elements arranged through TVML styles.


The card element provides the ability to manually arrange its containing elements. It creates a view where the elements it contains are arranged using the tv-align and tv-position styles. Containing elements are centered by default.

Layout diagram showing the positions other elements can be placed in.

Elements contained in the same position are arranged from the top of the cell to the bottom, in the same order in which they are specified in the card element. You can specify a <background><img /></background> that displays a background image inside of the card. The background image is top-aligned and is fitted to the size of the card while keeping the image’s original aspect ratio. Text wrapping inside of the card only occurs in the header, center, and footer positions.

Subelements of card

Elements that Use card


Valid TVML Styles


Changes the shape of an element's corner.

Valid TVML Attributes


Associates information in a data item with an element.


Associates a data item type with an element.


Sets the color scheme for an element.

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