Create client-server apps by incorporating JavaScript and TVML files in your binary app.


The TVMLKit framework enables you to evaluate TVMLKit JS and TVML files from within your tvOS app. You can create TVML elements, styles, views, and view controllers through the JavaScript environment.


JavaScript Environment

class TVApplicationController

An object that bridges the UI, navigation stack, storage, and event handling from JavaScript.

class TVApplicationControllerContext

Launch information provided to the TV application controller.

Views and View Controllers

class TVViewElement

A representation of a read-only DOM node.

protocol TVInterfaceCreating

A protocol that defines methods used to create views and view controllers.

class TVInterfaceFactory

A factory for the creation of views and view controllers.

Custom Elements

class TVElementFactory

An object used to register new elements to extend the Apple TV Markup Language (TVML).

class TVImageElement

A representation of a read-only DOM node containing the attributes that describe an image element.

class TVTextElement

The textual content for the DOM element.

Custom Styles

class TVViewElementStyle

A style applied to a view element.

class TVStyleFactory

An object used to register custom style properties.

class TVColor

The color data used by styles.


enum TVMLKitError

Error codes for the TVMLKit error domain.