An object that bridges the UI, navigation stack, storage, and event handling from JavaScript.


class TVApplicationController : NSObject


The TVApplicationController class establishes the JavaScript environment and provides a centralized point of control and coordination between the JavaScript environment and tvOS.


Controlling and Handling Events

func stop()

Ends the app life cycle.

Getting the Delegate

var delegate: TVApplicationControllerDelegate?

The delegate of the app controller object.

protocol TVApplicationControllerDelegate

A protocol used to observe and manage the different states of an application controller.

Examining App Controller Properties

var context: TVApplicationControllerContext

The launch information for the application controller.

var navigationController: UINavigationController

The navigation controller that is bridged from JavaScript to tvOS.

var window: UIWindow?

A reference to the window supplied when the app controller was initialized.


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class TVApplicationControllerContext

Launch information provided to the TV application controller.