A protocol used to observe and manage the different states of an application controller.


protocol TVApplicationControllerDelegate


Managing the App Controller

func appController(TVApplicationController, didFail: Error)

Tell the delegate the app controller failed due to an error.

func appController(TVApplicationController, didFinishLaunching: [String : Any]?)

Tells the delegate the app controller has finished launching.

func appController(TVApplicationController, didStop: [String : Any]?)

Tells the delegate the app has stopped for any reason.

func appController(TVApplicationController, evaluateAppJavaScriptIn: JSContext)

Tells the delegate to add JavaScript classes and objects.

func player(for: TVApplicationController) -> TVPlayer?

Asks the delegate for a custom player object for a particular player bridge.


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Getting the Delegate

var delegate: TVApplicationControllerDelegate?

The delegate of the app controller object.