A view controller that presents content in a browsable, full-screen format.


class TVBrowserViewController : UIViewController


Use this class to create a full-screen layout that supports full-screen browsing. This layout includes a built-in parallax effect that is triggered during the transition between cells.

Screenshot of the full screen browser. Hidden cells lie on the left and right side of the currently displayed cell, with edges peeking out.


Initializing the Browser View Controller

init?(viewElement: TVViewElement)

Create a full-screen browser from a specified view element.

Providing the Browser's Data

var dataSource: TVBrowserViewControllerDataSource?

The object that provides data to the full-screen browser.

protocol TVBrowserViewControllerDataSource

Methods adopted by the object you use to represent the browser view.

Managing Interactions with the Browser

var delegate: TVBrowserViewControllerDelegate?

The object that acts as the delegate and handles callbacks for the browser view.

protocol TVBrowserViewControllerDelegate

Methods for detecting events and performing actions on the browser view.

Modifying the Browser Appearance

var cornerRadius: CGFloat

The corner radius, in points, of each full-screen browser item.

var interitemSpacing: CGFloat

The spacing between full-screen browser items.

var maskInset: UIEdgeInsets

The amount by which the content of the cell is inset.

Accessing Browser Elements

var centeredViewElement: TVViewElement

The full screen browser item that is currently centered on the screen.

var viewElement: TVViewElement

The view element that the full screen browser is constructed from.

Managing Browser Transitions

class TVBrowserTransitionAnimator

An object that provides animations to and from the full screen browser.

See Also

Views and View Controllers

class TVViewElement

A representation of a read-only DOM node.

protocol TVInterfaceCreating

A protocol that defines methods used to create views and view controllers.

class TVInterfaceFactory

A factory for the creation of views and view controllers.

class TVDocumentViewController

A view controller that represents a TVMLKit document.