Instance Property


An array containing groups of individual highlights in a media item.


var highlightGroups: [TVMediaItem.HighlightGroup] { get }


The highlightGroups property enables you to show several groups highlights from a stream. Each highlight group in the array contains a list of highlights. Each highlight is an object with the following properties: highlightDescription, localizedName, imageURL, and TVMediaItem.TimeRange.

For example, consider a video of a baseball game, which is the media item. You can create a highlight group containing the video for each home run —each highlight— in the game. You create another highlight group containing all of the errors. You put these highlight groups into the highlightGroups property.

See Also

Setting Timing Options

class TVMediaItem.HighlightGroup

A container for groups of highlights for a media item.

var interstitials: [TVMediaItem.TimeRange]

An array of time intervals that indicate where to insert media items into another, single media item.

class TVMediaItem.TimeRange

An object that defines a time range in a media item.

var resumeTime: TimeInterval

The number of seconds from the beginning of a media item to the point where that media item begins playing.