A container for groups of highlights for a media item.


class HighlightGroup : NSObject


Accessing the Highlights

var localizedName: String?

The name of a highlight group.

var highlights: [TVMediaItem.Highlight]

An array of the individual highlights that make up a group.

class TVMediaItem.Highlight

An object that describes a media item highlight.


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Setting Timing Options

var highlightGroups: [TVMediaItem.HighlightGroup]

An array containing groups of individual highlights in a media item.

var interstitials: [TVMediaItem.TimeRange]

An array of time intervals that indicate where to insert media items into another, single media item.

class TVMediaItem.TimeRange

An object that defines a time range in a media item.

var resumeTime: TimeInterval

The number of seconds from the beginning of a media item to the point where that media item begins playing.