The textual content for the DOM element.


class TVTextElement : TVViewElement



Creating Attributed Strings

func makeAttributedString(font: UIFont) -> NSAttributedString

Provides an attributed string for a given font.

func makeAttributedString(font: UIFont, foregroundColor: UIColor?, textAlignment: NSTextAlignment) -> NSAttributedString

Convenience method for configuring an attributed string given the specified attributes.

Inspecting Text Elements

var textStyle: TVTextElementStyle

The style applied to the text of the element.

enum TVTextElementStyle

The style applied to the text inside of an element.


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Custom Elements

class TVElementFactory

An object used to register new elements to extend the Apple TV Markup Language (TVML).

class TVImageElement

A representation of a read-only DOM node containing the attributes that describe an image element.

Creating TVML Elements

Avoid rewriting complex and often used elements by creating a simplified custom element.