tvOS 13 Beta 4 Release Notes

Update your apps to use new features, and test your apps against API changes.


The tvOS 13 SDK provides support for developing tvOS apps for Apple TV devices running tvOS 13. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 11 beta available from Beta Software Downloads. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 11, see Xcode 11 Beta 4 Release Notes.


Known Issues


New Features

  • AVFoundation now supports encoding video with alpha channels using HEVC. Videos encoded in this manner are broadly supported in AVFoundation APIs, and by Safari within web pages. Technical details of the format can be found in the Interoperability Profile specification. (8045917)


Resolved Issues

  • Restore image installation of tvOS 13 for Apple TV HD is now available. (51780378)


Known Issues

  • MKMarkerAnnotationView doesn’t render the default glyph image. (52143655)

    Workaround: Set the glyphImage property on MKMarkerAnnotationView instances.

  • MKMarkerAnnotationView doesn’t render the markers for annotations using the default tint color. (51908728)

    Workaround: Set the markerTintColor property on MKMarkerAnnotationView instances.



  • Removed support for FTP and File URL schemes for Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC). HTTP and HTTPS are the only supported URL schemes for PAC. This affects all PAC configurations including, but not limited to, configurations set using Settings, System Preferences, Profiles, and URLSession APIs such as connectionProxyDictionary and CFNetworkExecuteProxyAutoConfigurationURL(_:_:_:_:). (28578280)

  • The URLSession and NSURLConnection APIs no longer support SPDY. Servers should use HTTP 2 or HTTP 1.1. (43391641)


New Features

Known Issues

Resolved Issues

  • View modifier methods return opaque views (some View) rather than complex generic types. (46140669)

  • ScrollView instances always size themselves as expected for their content. (49204262)

  • Tabs in TabbedView instances appear as expected when you use them with a NavigationView. (49958869)

  • The possible values that you can select from a Picker can now be accessed from UI automation. (50679414)


System Video

Resolved Issues

  • Waking from sleep is faster and doesn’t result in an indefinite No Signal state. (50489811)

  • Apple TV no longer enters sleep mode unexpectedly when transitioning between videos in a playlist. (51159114)


Known Issues


New Features