Legacy Extension

Help users discover your app by providing top shelf content and a description of your tvOS app.


In iOS 12 and earlier, you provide Top Shelf information by adding a TVServices app extension to your app. Your extension returns an array describing available content for your app, and the system uses this information to update the Top Shelf. You describe your media to the operating system using TVContentItem objects. Each TVContentItem object represents either a piece of content or acts as a container for other TVContentItem objects. A content object typically includes an image and a title for tvOS to display, along with other metadata related to the content item.

In order for tvOS to track content items, you create a unique string for each content item. You can choose your own algorithm to create these identifiers. However, any string you create should identify its content item forever; never recycle identifiers for new content. You package an identifier in a TVContentIdentifier object, which includes the string and the parent container of the item.

To summarize, to provide descriptions of content to Apple TV, you must:

  • Organize your media and app content, either as a single list or in a hierarchical model

  • Design an algorithm or standard that supplies each content item with a unique content identifier string

  • Create a TVContentItem object for each container or content item

  • Add an app extension whose main class implements the TVTopShelfProvider protocol




The interface for providing items to display in the main menu’s Top Shelf user interface on an Apple TV.




An object that describes either a piece of content or a container for other content items.


An object that uniquely identifies media content in either a single piece or a collection.


Returns the ideal size for an image, according to its particular shape and style.


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