A model object that you use to represent an app-specific profile.


class TVAppProfileDescriptor : NSObject


A TVAppProfileDescriptor object represents a single user profile in your app. You create app profile descriptor objects yourself and manage them in your app's data structures. The default object contains only the user-visible name for the profile, which must be a nonempty string. You can also subclass to add app-specific properties. For example, you might add an app-specific identifier for the profile. You might also store the identifiers for all Apple TV users that are configured to use this profile.

For more information about mapping your app profiles to Apple TV accounts, see TVUserManager.


Creating a Profile Descriptor

init(name: String)

Creates a new app profile descriptor object with the specified name.

Getting the Profile Name

var name: String

The user-visible label associated with the app profile.


Inherits From

See Also

Multiple User Login

class TVUserManager

An object for mapping Apple TV user accounts to app-specific user preferences.

Mapping Apple TV Users to App Profiles

Adapt the content of your app for the current viewer by using TV user manager.