A set of items you present using a carousel-style interface in the top shelf.


class TVTopShelfCarouselContent : NSObject


Creating a Carousel Content Object

init(style: TVTopShelfCarouselContent.Style, items: [TVTopShelfCarouselItem])

Creates a content object for displaying items in a carousel style in the top shelf interface.

Accessing the Carousel Items

var items: [TVTopShelfCarouselItem]

The items to display in the top shelf interface.

Getting the Item Style

var style: TVTopShelfCarouselContent.Style

The appearance to use when displaying items in the top shelf interface.

enum TVTopShelfCarouselContent.Style

Constants indicating how you want items to appear in the top shelf interface.


Inherits From

See Also

Carousel Content

class TVTopShelfCarouselItem

An item containing images, video, and other information that you want to display using a carousel-based interface.